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We have a brand new 2008 Scotland Gallery for your review!


current galleries

Start here to view the newest galleries.  See links at bottom of this page for legacy galleries

Scotland 2008

Great pictures from Scotland with flora and pubs, friends and golf, and Dave with good-looking barmaids.  In other words, everything you want in a gallery!

Gaelic Storm

Here are some great pictures of the gang with Gaelic Storm at a recent concert!


Cala Inn 2007

Catch up on the Cala Inn with local golfing, the July Whiskey Pairing Dinner, Cala Around the World, Halloween and a very special backstage welcome by Gaelic Storm.  It's the latest  pub gallery!

Cala Inn 2006

If you haven't seen this gallery, it includes all of the big events around the Pub in 2006 and the annual trip to Scotland with lots of views of the homeland.

legacy galleries

Here are some legacy Cala Inn photo galleries, from the original construction of the pub in 2002 through The Robert Burns Celebration of 2005. Enjoy the photos, and come by and be part of the next gallery we post. 

Your comments and photos are always appreciated. This is a family album, and you're part of the family!